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From the extensive line up of great productions from
BRAAAP® Films comes a brand new series. Finally, the first in a great vintage series that documents the sport’s fastest growing entity will be available.

During the spring of 1969, over 200 manufacturers from around the world ignited a new mode of transportation, a new sport and a totally new lifestyle - the lifestyle of snowmobiling. In that one year alone, over 285,000 snowmobiles were bought and sold through a network of 10,000 dealers. Machines with such names as Scorpion, Allouette, Sno-Jet, Moto-Ski, SnowCruiser, Chapparal,
SkiWhiz, SkiRoule and Olympic just to name a few, could be found pushing their way through mother nature’s powder and opening a new world to the winter adventurer.

This fast paced, action packed video celebrates that amazing revolution, taking you on a journey back to the days of “Old Iron” through some of America’s largest modern day gatherings of vintage buffs, including Eagle River’s World Championships of Vintage snowmobile racing. We will also travel to Wauconia, Minnesota for the largest show and gathering of sleds and enthusiasts as well as a trip east to Warrensburg, New York for some flat track racing. Many other stops are included that depict the builders and the sleds that inspired winter’s most amazing sports.

We also have great film footage from “back in the day” that
will bring chills to your core and excitement to your heart.
Three years in the making this is one video that will keep you coming back for more. Over 60 minutes of awesome content.


$29.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
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