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"Braaap Films brings you what’s current and exciting– insane big drops, lots of huge airtime, technical big mountain riding and fresh new talent from the backcountry snowmobiling industry."

Daniel Cedolia was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Being from a northern town, snow and snowmobiling was a way of life, and Daniel caught the fever at age 3. He attended the I-500 snowmobile race in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, and could be found trackside just about every year since.

Having come from a background of amateur family photography and videography, Daniel took a keen interest in videography, and decided to attend the I-500 race with camera in hand. With the I-500 being such a unique event in such a small town, Daniel saw the opportunity to couple his talents with this great event, and the first ever full length production of the race came to being. In addition, Daniel orchestrated obtaining a cablecast of this event on local sports stations, and this is how it all began.

From the first production of a race on tape and on television, a business was formed in 1988 around capturing snowmobile racing and snowmobile-related events, that were both produced as high quality feature films in the series "Inside Snowmobile Racing" and broadcast on national networks, such as TSN, ESPN and OLN.

From racing, the business evolved into covering more extreme, back country snowmobiling, with the inception of the "Braaap" series. This series started in 2000, and the eighth installment, "Braaap - Krazy 8" has just been released.

National networks continue to seek us out for our extensive library of snowmobile related footage.

This is Daniel's 20th year in business, and the business continues thrive within the snowmobile industry primarily. Daniel resides just outside of Sault Ste. Marie, and continues to produce snowmobile-related films and promotionals. When he is not in the mountains of British Columbia or Colorado, you can probably find him on the snowmobile trails with his family.

Jaya Lange was born and raised in the Hawaiian islands and moved to the mountains to pursue the mountain life, working as a outdoor guide for many years and filming the mountain lifestyle.

Jaya found his calling and took over direct production at Braaap Films during season 11. Jaya has been producing this series ever since.

Jaya began working on his first feature film in 2015 called “Trax - The Evolution of Snow Bikes” – a documentary covering the very rapidly growing sport of snow biking along with a complete history of snow bike platforms and more from the past century with great interviews and history of the sport.

Jaya now has experience in the complete production process from filming, editing, and after effects to marketing and corporate communications.

As he continues to produce films he will be gearing up for more feature film documentaries on inspiring, informative and historical topics.

Daniel Cedolia
Jaya Lange
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