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From the Extremey Award nominee “Braaap – The Snowmachine Movie Series” comes the eighth installment, Krazy 8. Like the name implies, this film is full of great snowmobile antics! From deep in the snowy mountains of North America comes krazy tricks and big mountain adventure - drops, jumps, big gnarly climbs, and lots of fresh pow.

Riders include Geoff Kyle, Thierry ‘The Flying Frog” Provencher Rob Alford, Cody Borchers, Dan Treadway, Paul Thacker, Jimmy Blaze, Chris Brown, Daniel Bodin, Dan Gardiner, and new to the line-up, Wes Sandoval who attempts the back country barrel roll in krazy fashion. This film is off the hook!

Running time 50 minutes plus over 30 minutes of krazy bonus segments, including “Braaapin”, the U.P’s “Sledjam” and behind the scenes with Colorado Sledstyle and much more. Loads of fun for the whole family.


$29.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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