BRAAAP, BRAAAP! (The Sequel) "The Snowmachine Movie" The Series Continues NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD!! The film of the year just got better. This amazing sequel picks up where we left off! More great snowmachine freestyle, sick airs, huge jumps and new, original, insane tricks. Plenty of new locations with lots of new riders, featuring Tim Needles, Ryan Britt, Heath Frisby, Jim Fejes, Chris Burandt, Andy Lindbeck, Cale Harrison, Jesse May,John Heston, B.J.Murray and many more. Special appearances by Kyle, Kourtney, Tyler and Jay! Follow the travels of the amazing Braaap Pack as they awe the crowds in the Midwest's Super Snowcross Staduim Tour. Pro Snocross racers, killer soundtrack, and much much more. Special feature segments not seen on VHS include behind the scenes with the riders, snowcross wrecks, outtakes, Sled Ed, and much more. DVD Running Time: 60 minutes


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