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This year Braaap Films takes a look into a new kind of backcountry adventure, the “snowbike”. 

With huge drops, neck deep powder and some insane lines the Timbersled mountain kit will be performing some maneuvers never before thought possible on snow. 

Braaap 13 “Buried” will please every type of back country enthusiast. 

From the deep mountain slopes of BC you can witness some of the year’s deepest snow and death-defying avalanches, to Alaska where we you can see some new faces throwing down “AK style”. 

We head to Aspen, the stomping grounds of the X-games riders, with Daniel Bodin and Levi Lavallee and feature a special tribute to Caleb and Colten Moore. 

Many more locations and exciting adventures await! Braaap 13 “Buried” is sure to get you pumped up for winter. 

The film features Geoff Kyle, Reagan Sieg, Wesley Sandoval, Jonny Buschmann, Rene St. Onge, and so many more, including Canadian Supercross rider Brock Hoyer and the high flying, para-sledding oddity of Eric Oddy along with some new faces like Jonathan Jean, Jerry Meek and Lief Hagen. 

Braaap 13 “Buried” is filled with all the hardcore sledding action you can ask for. 

Join us in the steep and deep ,the high and dry and get…..BURIED! 

Shot and edited in HD. 50 minutes plus lots of bonus features.


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